Akra intropic infrastructure

Infrastructure and operation

The best software can only work if it is also available. For this reason we offer highly available, high-performance hosting and housing solutions for web-based applications, as well as maintenance and support.

AKRA offers individual solutions in the field of IT infrastructure. In addition to simple hosting and housing services, these include scalable high-availability solutions based on virtual environments.

As part of a software company, we are familiar with the requirements of modern applications in all kinds of sectors, and we ensure that they operate reliably. Our work covers the entire spectrum of server and application operation.

In close collaboration with the customer we undertake the whole range of server and network administration, from planning to setup as well as maintenance and servicing. In addition to support in the event of problems, our services also include independent administration of the systems that we look after.

All the servers that we look after are integrated into our monitoring system so that any problems are noticed immediately. We ensure high stability and minimal problems and failures through extensive maintenance and servicing of the hardware and software.


Hosting and Housing

We use the latest technology, reliable security facilities and data centres in Germany.


We provide support in all areas of system and network administration and are on hand with fixed contacts.