Successful management to us means integrating the individual strengths and experience of our employees into teamwork that is characterised by mutual respect.

Fabian von Borcke
Business IT graduate, Managing Partner

Fabian von Borcke is founder and managing partner of AKRA GmbH.
After graduating with an M.Sc. in operational research from the University of London, he worked for several years as software developer and consultant for the shipping company Hapag-Lloyd and Reuters news agency. In 1999 he founded AKRA GmbH together with Thomas Ochmann. Fabian von Borcke has been active for 15 years in developing IT projects for banks with his main focus on the securities business and asset management.

Thomas Ochmann
Computer scientist, Managing Partner

Thomas Ochmann is founder and managing partner of AKRA GmbH.
After completing his studies in computer science in Poland, he came to Germany in 1987. After completing further training as an IT entrepreneur, he was employed by a consultancy company. Until today he is up to mischief with different projects using different technologies. His wealth of experience encompasses projects in diverse sectors as energy, transport / logistics, telecommunications, banks and insurance companies. Together with Fabian von Borcke, he then founded AKRA GmbH in 1999.

Peter Lorenz
Business IT graduate, Managing Director

Peter Lorenz has been appointed managing director of AKRA GmbH in January 2021. He has been working in software development since 2001. At the beginning of 2006, he joined AKRA GmbH, where he was involved in projects as a developer, consultant and project manager in the areas of web development and billing systems. At the beginning of 2012, Peter Lorenz moved to the management of AKRA GmbH where he has responsible for operational tasks and managed projects in Germany and Poland.

Arne Schröder
IT Specialist, Manager Support & Services

Since November 2012 Arne Schröder has been in charge of the AKRA Centre for Support & Services. As Manager of this unit he is mainly responsible for customer service as well as leading the support team.

After finalizing his qualificaton as IT Specialist Arne worked as system administrator at a search engine provider and was involved in WLAN projects. From 2006 until joining AKRA Arne ran his own business, an IT service provider specializing in infrastructure consulting. Here he gained extensive experience as to heterogeneous environments and customer service.

Hans-Jürgen Torlée
Computer scientist, Managing Partner
AKRA Business Solutions GmbH

Hans-Jürgen Torlée has been a managing partner at AKRA Business Solutions GmbH since 2007.
He can look back on more than 20 years of experience in business consultancy. Most recently he was responsible as Industry Director and member of the senior management for the market segment, Transport, Travel and Logistics of LogicaCMG. Since 1999 Mr. Torlée had management responsibility as Head of Division and later as Associate Director ppa. After graduating as a computer scientist in business IT in 1986, Mr Torlée worked as systems developer, systems analyst, project manager, and Head of the Competence Centre for workflow and document management systems.

Jörg Schink
Computer scientist, Managing Partner
AKRA Business Solutions GmbH

Jörg Schink has been a managing partner at AKRA Business Solutions GmbH since 2007.
He has been active for companies in the areas of IT and consultancy since the beginning of the 1980s. In his position as a senior manager at CMG and Head of Division with LogicaCMG, he was responsible for the SAP Consulting business and SAP Alliance Management. Before, he was managing director of the consultancy company, PECOM and was responsible for the Northern Region of Germany. Until 1995, Mr. Schink was employed as project manager, specialist divisional manager and SAP consultant for the management consulting company GMO, and he began his professional career as an applications developer for Philips. Most recently, as a self-employed business consultant, Jörg Schink concentrated on project, interim management and business consulting with his main focus on logistics and SAP.

Ralf Kaminski
Dipl.-Kaufmann, Managing Partner
AKRA Competence Partner GmbH

Ralf Kaminski has been a managing partner of AKRA Competence Partner GmbH since August 2012.
Previously, he was managing partner of AKRA GmbH since November 2006 and responsible for the consulting services for customers from the insurance and finance sectors. Since the mid-1990s, Ralf Kaminski worked in various positions for Reuters news agency. Amongst other tasks, he was responsible for product management, project management, quality assurance, the "Extra 3000" processes and the complete "First for Nordics" development by Reuters. By 2004, he had built up the development centre for Reuters Portfolio Management System at the Hamburg location and managed it for many years. Previously, he worked as a freelance consultant in various sectors. Ralf Kaminski is a graduate in business studies from the University of Hamburg, with a focus on business informatics and has completed a course in Executive Training at the University of Michigan.

Bartosz Suchan
Computer scientist, Managing Partner
AKRA Polska sp. z o.o. 

Bartosz Suchan is managing director of AKRA Polska
sp. z o.o. in Kraków, Poland since January 2012.
He was involved in numerous IT projects since 2007 and has extensive experience in this field. Mr Suchan graduated with a Masters degree from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków in 2009. At AKRA Polska he is responsible for all operational tasks and serves the strategic customers.

Niels Geiersbach
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) mechanical engineering, Dipl.-Ing. (TU) computer science, Managing Partner
Intelligence Data Communication GmbH

Since September 2001, Niels Geiersbach is managing partner of Intelligence Data Communication (GmbH since August 2013).Previously, he worked professionally as a project manager for IT projects in the productive fields of harbor logistics, the aerospace industry, the food industry, the recycling industry and the automotive industry.