Based on the Erlang platform we choose Elixir to develop extremly stable backend applications which enable real-time processing.

Following the functional approach and using Erlang libraries we develop code which is modular, maintainable for a long time and highly scalable.
For end user applications we develop self-documenting, type safe GraphQL APIs which can be used by frontend developers and data scientists to explore and analyze data. More common use cases for Elixir are real-time apps like e.g. chatbots, IoT apps, streaming services and autonome driving. Elixir allows realising networks with several thousand participants who can synchronize their data and status live.
Living the DevOps spirit our developer team takes on responsibility for their software in production. To facilitate this we are using Kubernetes (e.g. managed Google Cloud, AWS or Azure) as well as other cloud-native technologies as e.g. Prometheus, Helm, Jaeger and OpenTracing. For logging we are using Elastic Stack.